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SaturnPrime™ - Self Defense Alarm

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The Safety Alarm That Saves Lives!

According to the Global Fund for Women, 1 in 4 women around the world is a victim of sexual violence or assault at least once in her life. That's why SaturnPrime™ - Self Defense Alarm was created: we want to make sure you are safe and confident in every moment.

Blaire is a personal safety alarm that is easy to carry and proven to deter threats, attract attention, and keep you safe. All you have to do is pull the pin out and Blaire lets off an EAR PIERCING 130db siren and a BLINDING strobe light.

Blaire comes with a FREE keychain so you can carry it on your keys, your purse, backpack or simply put her in your pocket. Never feel unsafe again when walking alone, in the dark, and in a very compromising situation.

Equipped With high-intensity LED Lights that will get anyone’s attention when activated. An extremely loud personal alarm will startle your attacker to flee the scene.

This self-defense siren can be easily heard up to 1000ft (300m) away. Military-Grade Durability provides 365-day Battery Life.

The pull-pin self-defense siren is easy to use. Just simply pull the pin off the device and it activates the 130db sound with high-intensity LED lights.

 Guaranteed to deter attackers - Once the SaturnPrime™ pin is removed, the Self Defense Alarm will emit a deafening 130dB sound, which will not only slow down and deter attackers, but also immediately attract the attention of police and others.

 Exceptional range and brightness - The deafening sound of the siren will not only stun the attacker and spread the sound to 1,000 feet / 300 meters, but will also blind him by giving a light signal to several nearby blocks.

 No dangerous or sophisticated weapons - Pepper spray or a knife can be dangerous to you and not effective enough in a fight if you are worse prepared than your attacker. Our siren is completely safe for you and very dangerous for your enemy: The blinding light and deafening sound will give you precious seconds to escape.

 Extremely portable - Our SaturnPrime™ - Self Defense Alarm weighs only 30 grams and fits easily in the palm of your hand. Plus, it comes with a sturdy key fob that's impossible to rip from your purse without the right skills.

How To Use:

  1. Pull the pin out
  2. Deter the attacker away as you attract attention
  3. Keep yourself into safety
  4. Once you are in a safe place, simply put the pin back in
  5. Recharge your Self Defense Siren

Packaging Includes

  • 1x Self Defense Siren
  • 1x Keychain
  • 1x Manual

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