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AntiSand™ - Sand Free Beach Mat

AntiSand™ - Sand Free Beach Mat

AntiSand™ - Sand Free Beach Mat

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No more sand sticking to your body!

Get rid of pesky sand and dirt and enjoy a truly great beach or outdoor experience with our AntiSand™ - Sand Free Beach Mat. The new ultra-permeable technology allows all fine particles of sand, dirt, or dust to perfectly pass through the mat and leave your holiday spot perfectly clean!

Ultra-Permeable Technology: Thanks to unique weave technology, the thin polyurethane yarns instantly filter sand as soon as it touches the bedspread while maintaining exceptional density and durability.

Double protection: in addition to the ideal top layer, the mat has a bottom layer that keeps sand or soil underneath it from rising upwards.

Securely fixed: 4 stakes are also included to securely fix your mat wherever you like. No more worrying about the wind, enjoy your holiday!

Multi-functionality: AntiSand™ - Sand Free Beach Mat perfectly copes with sand as well as all kinds of earth, dirt, dust, etc. Whether you're heading to a romantic dinner by the sea or camping with the family, we'll keep your surroundings clean in all conditions.

Comfortable and compact: although our mat easily accommodates several people, when folded it is no bigger than a water bottle! A handy carrying bag is included to make your journey easy, comfortable, and unforgettable.

Machine washable: your Sand Free Beach Mat can be washed by hand or in any washing machine. The durable material is specially designed for long-lasting use, so even hundreds of washings won't affect its quality!

Package includes:

  • 1 x AntiSand™ - Sand Free Beach Mat
  • 4 x Fixing pegs
  • 1 x carrying bag
  • 1 x Carabiner to attach the bag to backpack

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