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Pet Hair Remover Roller PettyPrime™

Pet Hair Remover Roller PettyPrime™

Pet Hair Remover Roller PettyPrime™

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If you want to solve the hairy problem of all our cute shedders, the Pet Hair Remover Roller PettyPrime™  was created for you!

Are you nervous sometimes about all the pet hair on your sofa, clothes, carpet? And there is no chance that your cat or dog will stop sitting on your favorite armchair? We are ready to solve your problem and make your furniture clean and neat again effortlessly with Pet Hair Remover Roller PettyPrime™!

What surfaces to clean: Yo can use it on bed sheet, carpet couches, sofa, car seat, or clothes. Whatever surface you like! Try to make your cleaning easier!

Remove pet hair of all kinds and lengths.

How to use:  Simply move back and forth and  it will pick up all the hair. It is so simple and fast!

 Easy to clean: After the usage just push the button and open the container, where all the fur, dust and hair were collected by the roller. Product is very easy to clean if you want every particle out. Simply put it under running water. It does not damage the product.

Our customer's review

Amazing! I just got it and the first thing I've done is go and try it because I didn't really trust it to work, since my dog's hair is short and hard, to the tests I refer! For that price, I'll buy a couple more! 

 Eco friendly: If you have the Pet Hair Removing Roller PettyPrime™, you won’t need sticky tape roller! You will make less waste, because this tool will serve you a long time!

Material: ABS + nylon fabric

 Package includes:

  • 1 * Hair Remover Roller
  • 1 * A set of replacement cloth for the Roller PettyPrime™


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