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Memory Foam Cervical Pillow - NeoDream™

Memory Foam Cervical Pillow - NeoDream™

Memory Foam Cervical Pillow - NeoDream™

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Comfort your sleep and enjoy sweet dreams with NeoDream Pillow!

Are you tired from the uncomfortable conventional pillows? Do you feel the neck pain and suffering after the night? It is time to change your sleep quality with the Memory Foam Cervical Pillow NeoDream™.

 Your posture during the night is very important for your neck, back and shoulders. We can not control its correctness being asleep. So, our unpleasant sleeping posture can cause headaches, neck pain, heartburn, excessive snoring, stomach ache, muscle cramping and sleep apnea. NeoDream™ Memory Foam Cervical Pillow is here to help.

Our NeoDream™ Pillow was created by top sleep experts to take care about you while you are asleep. When you buy this pillow, you should be sure that from now on your dreams about waking up feeling fully recharged are reality.

Adapt to sleeping position: Whether you sleep on your side or on your back, you can cling to your neck. Can make you sleep better.

Skin-friendly breathable fabric: The use of high quality raw materials and advanced processing technology, product quality and security.
High elastic material: With the function of slow rebound, no matter how you sleep, he will still return to its original state the next day. Maintain good flexibility.

Package Includes:
  • Memory Foam Pillow
  • Pillowcase

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