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Shower Thermometer Splash™

Shower Thermometer Splash™

Shower Thermometer Splash™

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Make your bathing routine more comfortable!

With the Shower Thermometer Splash™, we can take shower with just-right water temperature, especially suitable for a family with babies. No longer worry about hot water or cold water showers, you can easily get the best water temperature.

Temperature Indicator Lights: Blue, green, or red dot on the LED display indicator will help you to set the right and safe temperature for your skin to keep it healthy. 

Water Flow Power Generation: You don't need to buy batteries to make the Shower Thermometer Splash™ work. The water flow power generation technology is adopted, without the use of batteries, and the built-in water flow generator can generate electricity only with water flow. 

Freely Switch Between °C / °F: By long pressing the side button to switch the temperature unit, the temperature can be accurate to 0.5°C or 1°F.

Control The Bathing Time: The built-in memory chip, keeping track of bathing time (up to 99 hours and 59 minutes). The chip can record the cumulative time of multiple baths.

So Easy To Install: 1/2 inch nut, compatible with most of the shower equipment, easy to install without any tool needed.

Rotating Display: 360-degree rotating LED digital display allows you to easily monitor the water temperature.

Shower Thermometer Splash™  is made of stainless steel. It will be your irreplaceable and reliable helper.

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